SUN LAND FRUITS S.A.C is a family business with more than 20 years of experience in agroindustrial activity through the cultivation, harvest, collection, packaging and export of fresh fruits.


We have a lot of experience in the entire export chain of fresh mango, avocado, blueberry, watermelon, among others.

Our experience has allowed us to position ourselves among the solid companies in the Peruvian and international market, every year we have the tools that ensure the capacity, safety and quality that our fresh products require in the international market and our environment.

Today we serve the demand of our strategic partners with whom we have commitments to deliver our fruit with the best quality standards for their markets.

The company has around 120 employees dedicated to offering the best for our clients under the direction of General.


Strengthen the values of our family business to export Peruvian fruits of the best quality.


To open up new international markets with the best quality of our products and have a reliable image over time.


Honesty - quality - passion - competitiveness - team work- customer orientation - social responsability - environmental responsability - timeliness - problem solving


To continue offering our recognized products in the international markets of Europe, North America, Canada and very soon Asia, Africa and New Zealand.

We have the certifications required by our health authorities and by international markets, ensuring all the care that our fruit requires.

Among them: Mango, grape, avocado, blueberries

Nutritional value

The mango from Peru is in the first places worldwide for its quality, the varieties are: Kent (fresh), Edward (frozen), Haden and Tommy Atkins.

Not only does it have a sweet and intense flavor and a fleshy and smooth texture, but it is also very rich in vitamins A and C, minerals, beta-carotene, fibers, phytochemicals and antioxidants, and it provides low amounts of fat and sodium.


Our main market is the European one however; our fruit is ready to meet the demands of different places according to the needs of other countries.


In Sun Land we are aware and committed to our internal and external partners, we have agreements and many benefits around their general well-being.

We are committed to strengthening our work team, we have managed to be a solid family throughout the years where human and professional quality are the pillars of our results.


Our attendance to International Fairs strengthens our communication regarding the requirements of our clients and markets. Cultural exchange allows us to improve our negotiations.

Our fellowship meetings at the beginning and the end of campaigns with the Sun Land team allow us to share our successes.


Contact us:

Business name: SUN LAND SAC

RUC: 20484207616

Address: Cieneguilla Centro S/N. Ref.: Margen derecha de Canal Daniel Escobar

Email 1: magda.palacios@sunland.pe
Email 2: magdasunland@gmail.com

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